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It pains me to know that I’ve been leaving so much money on the table for so long, but I would be a fool not to maximize the bonuses DMS offers me. Simply put, it’s – EV not to work with the guys at DMS

Alan Jackson
Creator of NoteCaddy Advantage and Poker Metrics (AJacksonPoker.com)

Digital Merchant Solutions provided me outstanding service. From getting near-instant VIP status and cash bonuses, to helping you with any aspect of my Skrill and Neteller account, they’re undoubtedly the best in the business

Collin Moshman
Founder, Staker, TeamMoshman.com

I originally started at neteller with gold, but somehow lost it somewhere along the way. These guys managed to get me back that status super fast which means a lot higher ATM limits and more cash bonuses, 2 things which are extremely handy. Very thankful and highly recommended!!!

Tim Stone
2 time SNE, mid/high stakes crusher

When helping me get setup with Skrill VIP, Digital Merchant Solutions was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I needed to get documents notarized and bank accounts set up. The people that were helping me in Mexico were not too organized and seemed unfamiliar with the process. Without Digital Merchant Solutions’ help, I’m not sure I would have ever got set up with VIP

Patrick Mahoney
2013 WSOP Event 48 winner and 4 time Pokerstars Supernova

I’ve dealt with Digital Merchant Solutions and was surprisingly offered service I didn’t expect to get. Usually you don’t get great service in dealing with these kinds of things but Digital Merchant Solutions was there every step of the way.

Kenny Shih
ynd! (2 time Pokerstars Supernova Elite)
$1.5 Million lifetime tournament winnings
18th Place 2011 WSOP Main Event
danny szabo headshot

Making money going after the ‘easy prey’ takes a certain skillset. Digital Merchant Solutions puts money in my pocket while I trade. What else can I ask for?

Danny Szabo
Professional Forex trader
Bryce Daifuku-updated

I can’t say enough about the guys at DMS and their customer service. I had a problem with my account that NO ONE could help me with. I literally waited a year for this serious problem to get fixed. I went to DMS and they told me they would help me with the issue. They were in constant communication throughout the progress of this problem, and within weeks I was back up and running.

Bryce Daifuku
Skillzdatkills (SCOOP winner and 2 time Pokerstars Supernova)
ariolis30 headshot

I was breaking even for the longest time and with the cash bonuses and promotions Digital Merchant Solutions provided, it helped me become emotionally stable while I was at the table and not only worry about my VPP count knowing I had other income streams other than from the FPPs.

Ariel Salanga
ariolis30 (3 time Pokerstars Supernova Elite)
Best known for logging in 7 million hands in a year
andrew h

I have accounts at over 10 sportsbooks online, I knew about using Skrill to move my money around easily between books, but I had no clue about making money doing that. Digital Merchant Solutions set up my VIP account and now I can safely say that I make more from Digital Merchant Solutions than I do in reload bonuses from my sportsbooks.

Andrew H.
Professional sports bettor

What Digital Merchant Solutions provided me was amazing customer service, VIP setup and a stable income that I think every poker player needs to guarantee good bankroll management

Jason S.
Eyeloverags (4 time Pokerstars Supernova)
4th Place - LAPT Mar del Plata

I was having trouble having my account approved for one of the major online wallets. Not only did Digital Merchants Solutions expedite the approval process for me, they upgraded me to VIP status and removed my limits within days.

Nick Oh
Mused (Mid/High stakes HU cash specialist)
Carey levy headshot

I take my returns extremely seriously. Over the 5 years I have traded Forex online, I’ve come to learn that patience and guts are requirements of the job. Being able to generate a calculated amount from the promotions Digital Merchant Solutions gives me brings a small pleasure each day when I’m reviewing my figures.

Carey Levy
Professional Forex trader

I can say as someone who has referred friends to DMS that they have always had first class customer service towards clients I have referred. I always hear great things about these guys and would surely be working with them if I had relocated

Truc Nguyen
Dumpslikeatruc (2 time Pokerstars Supernova)

Before using Digital Merchant Solution’s service, I had unsuccessfully tried twice to upgrade my Skrill account to VIP. With the help of DMS I was upgraded the next day and now have an awesome deal. Any questions I’ve had throughout the process have been immediately answered and dealt with by excellent support staff. A million thanks to you guys for truly being the best in the business.

Bryan Oliver
Pokerstars Supernova and SNG specialist
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